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The Sweep of Lake Union

Puget Soundkeeper Alliance works with businesses, government and individuals in voluntary partnership efforts to protect and preserve Puget Sound from harmful pollution.

Clean Marina Program

Important Clean Marina news: OSHA is updating its traditional MSDS format and replacing it with the Globally Harmonized System. Many of the transitions have taken place, and the last one is effective June 1, 2016. This is the date by which places of work need to comply with the new format—and this affects many marinas! While Puget Soundkeeper and Clean Marina will not be hosting any trainings, we are here to help with references and answering the big picture questions. We are providing an FAQs sheet and some quick references from the OSHA website that help explain the changes:

comparison table of what has changed
An image to explain the new safety sheet data
Definitions of each part of the new data sheets

We hope you have a smooth transition!


The Clean Marina Washington program, created in 2005 as an expansion of the EnviroStars program, helps boaters and marinas leave a healthy wake. Through this incentive-based certification program marinas assess their operations and make improvements to better protect the environment. When they reach the qualification standards set by the Clean Marina program they earn the right to fly the Clean Marina flag. As of August 2016, there were 73 certified Clean Marinas in Washington. Find a clean Marina near you or learn more.

Puget Soundkeeper Alliance is committed to working with the marine industry and the marine community to protect Puget Sound waters and ensure a healthy environment, healthy economy and recreational enjoyment for residents.  The Clean Marina Washington program is coordinated by Puget Soundkeeper Alliance and was founded with assistance from the members of the Clean Marina Washington Partnership.  Targeted activities include oil spill prevention, sewage management and disposal, environmentally friendly boat maintenance, hazardous waste management and recycling.

Clean Marina Washington Partnership includes: the EnviroStars Cooperative, the Northwest Marine Trade Association, Puget Soundkeeper Alliance, Washington Department of Ecology, Washington Department of Natural Resources, Washington Sea Grant and Washington State Parks and Recreation.

Chris Wilke, PSA’s Executive Director, received the Legacy Award in August 2007 from the Pacific States British Columbia Oils Spill Task Force for his work in setting up the Clean Marina Washington program Resource Manual for Pollution Prevention in Marinas. Intended for marina managers, Soundkeeper originally published this manual in 1995; the Department of Ecology revised the manual in 1998 and it is now the official state resource on the subject.  The manual is available online.


The EnviroStars Cooperative is a seven-county program that recognizes small businesses that are making efforts to prevent pollution and reduce hazardous waste.  The award-winning EnviroStars business assistance program began in 1995 as a service of the King County Local Hazardous Waste Management Program, and has since been adopted across the Puget Sound region, with programs now offered in Jefferson, King, Kitsap, Pierce, Skagit, Spokane and Whatcom counties. This voluntary incentive-based program is set up to provide assistance to businesses in order to reduce and properly manage hazardous waste, find alternatives to toxic products, and prevent pollution.

Puget Soundkeeper Alliance has been involved since the early stages in 1996 as a “Co-Star” and helps to expand the program to new counties and new business sectors. Today there are over 700 certified EnviroStars businesses.  Examples include auto body and repair, dental offices, dry cleaners, landscapers, and print shops. The successful Clean Marina Washington program is an outgrowth of EnviroStars and certified Clean Marinas in EnviroStars counties automatically earn both certifications.

For information on becoming certified or to find an EnviroStars business near you go to www.envirostars.org.


Recreational Boating Outreach

A Boaters Guide: This 60-page guide is distributed for free to boaters through local marinas, boat shows, boating supply stores, seminars and events.  Please contact the PSA office for copies of the Guide or download the 2015 Boater’s Guide. Funding is provided by Washington State Parks and Recreation.

Download 2015 Boater’s Guide

Boat Repair Guide: A do-it-yourself guide to boat repair and the environment, this 24-page booklet contains detailed information on various processes in boat repair. Recommended for anyone who works on their own boat, especially in boatyards.  Funding provided by BoatU.S.

Download Boat Repair Guide

Boatyard Projects

In 2012, Soundkeeper worked with the Clean Boating Foundation (CBF) to assist in the development of the Clean Boatyard Program.  Similar to Clean Marina, this voluntary certification program encourages boatyards to go above and beyond their legal requirements to protect the environment.  The CBF website provides a list of certified boatyards, information on the copper bottom paint phase-out and information on clean and green boating products.

Puget Soundkeeper Alliance joined with the Northwest Marine Trade Association (NMTA) and the Department of Ecology in sponsoring a Boatyard Stormwater Treatment Technology Pilot Project.  Both the NMTA and Puget Soundkeeper Alliance had appealed the Boatyard Stormwater General Permit for the second time.  Read the Executive Summary for the three technologies tested in the study or download the full report (pdf – 6 MB). The Cost Analysis report is now available and may be used by the Department of Ecology to assist in the pending update of the General Boatyard Permit.

Volunteer Projects

Every year PSA partners with hundreds of volunteers and dozens of businesses, agencies and organizations to improve our waterways for wildlife and marine animals.  Highlights include waterway cleanups, habitat restoration and water quality monitoring.  Please visit our volunteer page to learn more about these activities and opportunities to get involved.