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Sweep June 2015

The Sounder Newsletter—June 2015

  EPA Waters Down the Clean Water Act   The federal Clean Water Act, established in 1972, is the single most important law for protecting America’s waters from pollution. It serves as a model for clean water legislation around the world and is the foundation of Puget Soundkeeper’s work. In establishing the Clean Water Act, Congress authorized…

From an aerial view, it becomes clear how many waterways connect as the Skagit River flows to Puget Sound.

EPA waters down the Clean Water Act

You may have heard conflicting information about the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Clean Water Rule”, which was presented in its final form on May 27, 2015. Many clean water advocates are struggling to decide whether the new regulations are an overall win or loss for the nation’s waters. Puget Soundkeeper and Waterkeeper Alliance have determined that…

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